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You deserve
happiness and fulfillment!

I help transform anxious and stressed adults into the self-confident human that they were meant to be and create the life they deserve.

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You don’t have to be anixous!

I help you to find your inner cheerleader and start trusting yourself; using yoga and mindfulness tools and techniques to build a mindset of confidence and self-compassion.

Is anxiety ruining your life?

Maybe you have noticed that trying to suppress your feelings is not fixing the problem.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone help you to: 

  • Stop getting anxious in social situations

  • To make friends & improve your social relationships

  • Stop overthinking every interaction with others

  • How to calm your mind and reduce your panic attacks

  • Take back control over your life

I can help!

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My story!

During my early childhood and well into my teens I had zero self-confidence and as such, I made the wrong type of friends. These so-called friends liked to tease me and bring me down. These fair-weather friends reinforced my own mindset of being unworthy. 

But I can tell you it doesn’t have to be like that! After years of self-reflection and mindfulness, I have grown to not only see my own self-worth and but know how to choose my friends. Now I am surrounded by loving, caring, and uplifting friends. I don’t feel lonely or isolated like I did when I was in high school. You don’t either!

I am a certified Mindfulness Life Coach, a certified Meditation Guide, and I am a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher. I enjoy slow mindful yoga and I love sharing the amazing benefits that yoga and mindfulness can provide – to bring wellness to both the mind and the body.


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What do I do?

I provide Transformational Coaching so you can create connections with people and allow you to no longer live with the social anxiety that is holding you back. 

Just like you, I wanted to develop a positive body relationship, have healthy techniques to calm and clear the mind. Through my program, I can help you to build a strong mind-body connection to help relieve stress, anxiety, and to be able to build resiliency to mood fluctuations.


My classes, courses, and programs are here to help you to be more centered, confident, and content. I have yoga and mindfulness classes for both tweens, teens, and adults. My more extensive coaching courses are exclusivity for adults who want to get results and change the trajectory of their lives!

Yes, Coach Me!
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Happy Clients

Applying Yoga Beyond the Mat: How the 8 limbs of Yoga Apply to Life

— Josie M.

“My son really enjoyed the class! You can tell Nicole is very knowledgeable about yoga. I like how she bridged yoga practice with character traits that can help enhance everyday life.”