Nicole Dooley - Yoga with teen

My story

I was born in Australia in the sunny state of Queensland. I moved to California, USA in 2005 with my American husband. I have a talented and amazing child who joined us on this planet in 2008.

All About Me

I consider myself a creative person that is passionate about wellness and the environment.

During my early childhood and well into my teens I had zero self-confidence and as such, I made the wrong type of friends. These so-called friends liked to tease me and bring me down. These fair-weather friends reinforced my own mindset of being unworthy. 

But I can tell you it doesn’t have to be like that! After years of self-reflection and mindfulness, I have grown to not only see my own self-worth and but know how to choose my friends. Now I am surrounded by loving, caring, and uplifting friends. I don’t feel lonely or isolated like I did when I was in high school. You don't either!

I am a certified Mindfulness Life Coach, a certified Meditation Guide, and I am a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher. I enjoy slow mindful yoga and I love sharing the amazing benefits that yoga and mindfulness can provide – to bring wellness to both the mind and the body.

My journey with yoga started when I was young, my mother would bring my sisters and me to her yoga classes. Kids Yoga was not a thing back then, so we would watch on as middle-aged men & women would move into these graceful, but strange poses.

In my youth, I was a cross country and long-distance runner, so I was very aware of the need to train and stay active.

As my desire to share my knowledge grew I sought out a course to qualify me to teach yoga with a Yoga Alliance approved course. From that point, I have sought out reputable Yin Yoga teacher training courses, kids yoga certificate courses (for my tween/teen classes), mindfulness life coach courses, and meditation courses to further enhance my knowledge and teaching skills.

I can help you to build a strong mind-body connection to help relieve stress, anxiety, and to be able to build self-awareness and self-confidence. With a strong sense of your own worth, you can build lasting and nurturing relationships with others.

Nicole Dooley - Warrior II